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The KAS Online Store is your One Stop Destination for Electronic and Digital Door Lock solutions. We stock a wide range of Keyless Access Security products, including Stand Alone Locks (SAL) and advanced Lock Management Systems (LMS), suitable for use in all major environments including home, office, business, residential, government, and warehouses. In addition to stocked items, we also create fully customized digital door lock systems that are entirely configured to your needs and specifications. To enquire about our custom solutions, please visit our Contact Page to speak to one of our friendly professionals.


So why are electronic locks such a vital security consideration? Electronic Locks provide a number of favorable advantages over traditional door lock solutions:

  • You don’t require a key to gain access to your premises, meaning that there is no chance of you ever forgetting your keys nor any need for you to have a spare set of keys hidden somewhere in case of emergency
  • A Keyless Access Security System ensures that the keys cannot be duplicated
  • You don’t require other people to have a copy of the keys in order for them to gain access, simply give them the digital lock code
  • With Digital Door Locks, there’s no need to change the locks anymore; if you no longer wish to have a particular person entering your premises anymore (a former lover for example), you simply change the digital lock security code and they will be denied access


Every company lives and dies by its reputation. Whether it’s outstanding product quality or impeccable customer service, our unmatched attention to detail is present in everything we do. For over 20 years, KAS has been in a state of constant evolution and refinement, a perpetual motion fueled by the creativity of its workforce and the demands of the consumer.


Shop online with confidence using our secure payment gateways. Whether it’s fingerprint Locks, remote control Locks, keycard locks, pin code locks, digital mechanical locks, keyless security systems, miscellaneous items or hotel and motel Locks.  All products purchased through our Online Store include:

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 12 Month Warranty


We hope you enjoy shopping online with KAS. Be sure to check back often for our latest items and specials!

Fingerprint Locks




Biometrics is the process of identifying human beings by their unique attributes, such as fingerprints, DNA, palm print and so on. In recent times, biometric technology has found its way into highly sophisticated keyless access security products, most notably the Fingerprint Door Lock. Unlike traditional door locks where anyone with the correct key can enter the premises, fingerprint door locks deny access to all but those whose fingerprints are recognized by the lock mechanism. We’re living in a digital age where computers greatly influence and enhance our lifestyles and Biometric Door Lock technology is a prime example of this.



Never worry about losing your keys again. With biometric door lock systems, your fingers are the keys. At KAS, our Fingerprint Door Locks are an ideal replacement for your standard locks. The third generation fingerprint and biometric reader allows users to enter their home, office or apartment without keys. Fingerprint capacity is considerable, with some units holding a remarkable 10000+ fingerprints, all stored on the lock at any given time. High-quality RFID readers are installed in all of the locks, which provides users the convenience of keycard or FOB entry swell. All of our fingerprint door locks are furnished in fashionable designs giving them a high degree of aesthetic appeal and making them suitable for all styles of doors.



At KAS, we stock a wide range of fingerprint door locks, all possessing that same level of quality craftsmanship and functionality that you’d expect from all of our security products. Below, you will find a brief description of all our available fingerprint door lock units. More detailed information can be found by clicking on the appropriate item.


All items include FREE delivery Australia wide and are backed by a 14-day money back guarantee.

PIN Code Locks

Digital Mechanical keyless locks are more suitable for;

  • Gates
  • External doors beside house
  • Never worry about taking a key anymore
  • The lock is always locked unless open by personal pin code

The DM Range is the quickest and cheapest option for keyless lock entry.

Remote Control Locks

Discover the eTouch Remote Control Keyless Lock

Thank you for choosing the KAS eTouch Remote Control Keyless Lock. As you’ll soon discover, this stylish electronic touch screen lock represents the next generation in security by combining four methods of access for added security and convenience – choose from pin code, keycard, FOB or remote control.

The eTouch Remote Control Keyless Lock is battery operated, allowing extra features that add to the lock’s usability. The eTouch emits audible and visual confirmation of lock activation, while the blue backlit screen enables improved keypad visibility day or night.

Keyless Security Systems

KAS Keyless Security System products are used to allow entry into a door without the use of keys.  Power is sent from the keypad of the fingerprint scanner to an electric strike allowing the door to be opened.  An internal button on the inside, opens the door for exciting.

Security systems like this are extremely common in offices, home entries or any type of door that requires keyless access.

How Keyless Security Systems work?



Electronic Locker Locks

KAS offers a range of electronic locks for locker rooms or systems built with the highest standard of electronic hardware. This is based on years of locking system developments to deliver the most powerful and flexible control for locker applications. The electronic locker lock hardware comes in a high-quality stainless steel finish