Can I get the Lock Management System for any sized accomodation site?

Yes, there is no minimum or maximum limit to how many rooms the LMS Software can run. From 1 room to 1000s of rooms.

Can I get an Electronic Hotel Lock in a tubular latch?

Yes, the LMS Universal is specifically designed with a single tubular latch. The convenience of a single tubular latch allows simple installation and easy retrofit from existing regular door handles. Usually, the latch and strike can remain the same, only needing to change the lock face.

This is one of the great features of the LMS Universal – You don’t need to install new doors!

I have a common area, can I get a lock that multiple people can access?

Typically, a wall reader is used in combination with an electric strike.  The wall reader accepts all authorised keycards and sends power to the electric strike located in the door frame.  The door then unlocks, and you push it open for entry. As part of the fire safety regulation, an internal button can be pushed to exit the door from the inside.

Who can install the lock hardware?

Any handyman or carpenter can. The locks are very easy to install.  If you can install a regular lock, you can install an Electronic Hotel Door Lock. There are no hidden tricks with installing Electronic Hotel Door Locks.

As part of the KAS company model, we are an internet based company that supplies premium quality Electronic Hotel Locks and Access Systems, and have searched far and wide for the best, most reliable and cost-effective electronic lock solutions.  This is how we can keep the prices down for you.

I required an electronic lock that has a fire rating!

No problem! The LMS-Platinum is fired-rated and is commonly used in 5-Star hotels and apartment blocks. With the same technology and essential features as the other locks, the LMS-Platinum stands out above the rest as the most stylish, strongest and reliable Electronic Hotel Lock on the Australian market.

How does KAS supply Lock Management Systems Australia-wide at a cost effective price?

KAS is the leading online supplier of electronic Hotel Lock Management Systems. We only provide the best quality products Australia has to offer. At our depot, we fully program and commission the locks, wall readers and software to be customised to meet our clients’ needs. The electronic hotel lock hardware gets shipped to your doorstep and the hotel lock software is installed on your Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 compatible office/home computer via a remote login process. After installation your door locks are programmed and your electronic Hotel Lock Management System is ready to go!

You deal directly with KAS and our Authorised Partners and you get real Australian Technical Service.

We are a company who stands behind its products and we value building long standing relationships with all of our customers.

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