The ultimate smartphone Bluetooth electronic lock is here. Unlock your house with your smartphone and send remote mobile keys to anyone in the world. Bluetooth door locks are about making security smart.

Why keyless entry?

  • Convenience – never loose your mechanical keys
  • Cost-free – replace keys with no locksmith costs
  • Remove – Access code to never carry keys again
  • Secure – high-level encryption using RFID Mifare 1k
  • Simplify – use smartphone to open a keyless door lock

The benefit of Bluetooth locks gives you remote and keyless control without the need for additional hardware credentials. With Bluetooth locks you have the ability to open car park gates, provide smartphone access to multiple access points for offices and open upon approach for that rock star feeling.

Bluetooth locks are smartest locks on the block

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a powerful and app-friendly version of Bluetooth that is built for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Billions of BLE enabled devices are on the market today. Consumers are familiar with this technology, eliminating consumer training to use the product.

Key features of Bluetooth Low Energy for eKey Smart Locks:

  1. Industry-standard wireless protocol allows multi-vendor interoperability
  2. Ultra-low peak, idle mode power consumption for optimum battery life of the electronic locks
  3. Highest level of security in the industry with 128-bit AES data encryption
  4. Preferred cross-compatibility for iOS and Android devices

Control many devices with Bluetooth control

  • Control 30+ lock devices as an administrator on a Bluetooth smartphone app.
  • No difficult software to setup/install or download.
  • Smartphones and cloud technology is used as hosts to send/receive data to the administrator app.
  • All information is stored securely and with high-level encryption