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Interested in Home Automation?

KAS and Oz Smart Things have partnered and now selling the latest and greatest home automation technology. Our mission is to…

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eTouch Bluetooth Lock – The first Australian Bluetooth door lock has just hit the shelves!

KAS are the first Australian Company to manufacture and bring an Australian Bluetooth Low Energy door lock to the market. Open…

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Bluetooth Lock – A new frontier of smart locks

The ultimate smartphone Bluetooth electronic lock is here. Unlock your house with your smartphone and send remote mobile keys to anyone…

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Emails inactive – Notice to Customers

Dear Customers, We have had some technical difficulty with emails today. If you have emailed any address with “”, we’re sorry,…

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KAS in Manila Philippines

KAS attended the 30th Guard All Security Expo in Makati Philippines on 11th-12th October 2016. Thank you, Guard-All Electronic Security Systems,…

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Apple or Android?

What’s your opinion on smartphone controlled locks? We have opened a survey to get some feedback about your thoughts and what…

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Live Smarter with Residential Keyless Entry Locks – BUPA FEATURED ARTICLE

Live Smarter with Residential Keyless Entry The second decade of the 21st century is the era of efficient living. Smart technology has…

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New video: eKeys is coming…

A new video release of the eKeys product launch soon to be available for purchase. eKeys will be available for the…

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etouch ekeys lock
eKeys Mobile Access is here!

Article written for the BUPA Collaborative Marketing campaign. Why does KAS recommend Smartphone access control? The simplest form of a security…

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Near Field Communication (NFC) – What is it?

NFC Door Locks use the NFC enabled Smartphone to gain entry into the electronic lock.  Your smartphone becomes your personal keycard or FOB. Near…

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