Cloud App Features

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The Neo Gen 2 Door Lock comes pre-packed with all the below features.

The web app is available for usage now. So you can purchase the Neo lock and S1 gateway combo now and use the STANDARD plan. You can upgrade to any paid plan at a later date when the features are available.

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Control door access from the Mobile App or Web Console

Live syncing between the two

Mobile App

  • Register your account
  • Used for lock and gateway setup
  • Unlock using Bluetooth
  • Share Bluetooth (Mobile) keys
  • Create Auto-Generated Pin codes (8 digits)
  • Remote Unlock
  • Admin create manager access and rights from the Mobile App
  • Admin and Managers have separate logins and rights

Web Console

  • Login using the details you registered on the Mobile App
  • Remote Unlock
  • Create Remote Pincodes
  • Upload RFID Cards Remotely
  • Get Live Unlocking Records
  • Manage lock signal strength and online status
  • Admin and Managers have separate logins
  • Managers will see locks to manage if Admin has allowed it from the Mobile App

Manage Door Lock Access Online

  • Unlimited Locks per account
  • Send Unlimited Mobile keys access to others
  • Remotely unlock the door from anywhere *Gateway required
  • Get Live Unlocking Records *Paid plan
  • Add pin codes from the web console *Paid plan
  • Add RFID Cards  from the web console *Paid plan
  • Use the Mobile App to set up the lock and then you will automatically see it in the web console

Remotely Unlock From Anywhere

  • Unlock the door from the web console or mobile app
  • Supports any common web browser
  • Open the browser on any Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop
  • A message is displayed when the door unlocks successfully
  • Gateway required

Create Auto-Generated Pincodes

  • Generate and send an 8 digit autogenerated pin code from the Mobile app
  • Maximum duration 61 hours or 61 days
  • Timestamp algorithm technology (OTA)
  • Requires re-syncing every 11 months
  • No gateway required

Create Pincodes From The Web Console

  • Create a 4-6 digit pin code from the web browser
  • Determine a start and end time for each pin code
  • Determine the pin code value yourself (i.e 1234, or 334455)
  • Supports 100pcs pin codes per lock
  • Use the web console to send an email with the pin code (easy one click and send feature)
  • Gateway required

Upload RFID Cards From The Web Console

  • Upload any 13.56MHz Mifare card using the UID
  • Determine a start and end time for each RFID Card
  • Supports 100pcs RFID Cards per lock
  • Pre-purchase RFID Cards with the UID number on the card for easy tracking *RECOMMENDED
  • Gateway required

Live Unlocking Records

  • View the Live Unlocking Records for each lock
  • Easily see who has entered and when
  • Tracks the actual pin code used to enter the door and their name
  • 3 months of record storage. The system will automatically delete records older than 3 months
  • Gateway required

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