Web Console Features

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Control Door Access From The Mobile App or Web Console

Live Syncing Between The Two

Mobile App

  • Register your account
  • Used for lock and gateway setup
  • Unlock using Bluetooth
  • Share Bluetooth (Mobile) keys
  • Issue preconfigured pin codes with expiry time and date (8 digits)
  • Remote Unlock
  • Admin create manager access and rights from the Mobile App
  • Admin and Managers have separate logins and rights

Web Console

  • Log in using the details you registered on the Mobile App
  • Remote unlock
  • Create unique remote pin codes (4-6 digits)
  • Add/remove RFID card access remotely
  • Retrieve live unlocking records and battery status
  • Manage lock signal strength and online status
  • Admin and managers have separate logins
  • Real time low battery status alert
  • Managers will see locks to manage if Admin has allowed it

Manage Door Lock Access Online

  • Unlimited locks per account
  • Send unlimited mobile keys access to others
  • Remotely unlock the door from anywhere *Gateway required
  • Get live unlocking records & battery status *Paid plan
  • Create pin codes from the web console *Paid plan
  • Add RFID Cards  from the web console *Paid plan
  • Use the Mobile App to set up the lock and then you will automatically see it in the web console

Remotely Unlock From Anywhere

  • Unlock the door from the web console or mobile app
  • Supports any common web browser
  • Open the browser on any Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop
  • A message is displayed when the door unlocks successfully
  • Gateway required

Issue Pre-configured Pincodes

  • Issue an 8 digit preconfigured pin code from the Mobile app
  • Set time and date expiry
  • Send the pin code via email or SMS
  • Send to anywhere in the world
  • Maximum duration 61 hours or 61 days
  • Timestamp algorithm technology (OTA)
  • Requires re-syncing every 11 months
  • No gateway required

Create Pincodes From The Web Console

  • Create a 4-6 digit pin code from the web browser
  • Determine a start and end time for each pin code
  • Determine the pin code value yourself (i.e 1234, or 334455)
  • Supports 100pcs pin codes per lock
  • Use the web console to send an email with the pin code (easy one click and send feature)
  • Gateway required

Upload RFID Cards From The Web Console

  • Upload any 13.56MHz Mifare card using the UID
  • Determine a start and end time for each RFID Card
  • Supports 100pcs RFID Cards per lock
  • Pre-purchase RFID Cards with the UID number on the card for easy tracking *RECOMMENDED
  • Gateway required

Real Time Unlocking Records

  • View the live unlocking records for each lock
  • Easily see who has entered and when
  • Tracks the actual pin code used to enter the door and their name
  • 3 months of record storage. The system will automatically delete records older than 3 months
  • Gateway required

Real Time Low Battery Alert

  • Receive an email notification when the door lock has low batteries
  • Each time the door is opened by a card or pin code, it will send a status report to the Web Console
  • The Web Console checks the battery level and if it is below the threshold of 40%, it will trigger the alert
  • Email alerts can only be triggered if there is a Gateway nearby
  • Only included in the Paid Plan
  • Gateway required

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