Introducing KAS App

Send remote access to anyone in the world by using Bluetooth Technology. Revoke access to any user at the tap of a button.

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Want Mobile Access Control at your property?

Easily manage smartphone access to multiple guests and multiple locks.  Set access for a certain timeframe for staff or periodic access for a complete self-check-in solution for your guests.


With KAS App its never been easier to control your lock remotely. The app allows you to provide access credentials remotely, modify access validity as well as revoke access entirely; all from your mobile device.


The app creates Bluetooth mobile keys which are provided to guests.  The guest receives the mobile key from the app and opens the lock from their phone.  Mobile keys can be issued from anywhere in the world and modified instantly.


Control 30+ lock devices as an administrator on the app. No difficult software required to setup, install or download. Smartphones and cloud technology are used as hosts to send/receive data to the administrator app. All the information received is stored securely and with high-level encryption.


Complete Control at your Fingertips!

KAS offers the ultimate products and services in electronic cloud locking systems. The system allows lock devices to be controlled and programmed from any internet device, anywhere in the world. It offers on-demand and instant permission controls for any access credential. Bluetooth mobile keys can be sent to smartphone apps for entry into a KAS App lock device.



  • During setup the ADMIN phone is paired with the lock and automatically sets a unique code only which the phone and lock know.
  • This code is used to generate the mobile user keys and one time passwords for that lock only.
  • Admin can configure lock settings and create mobile keys and one time passwords from the app.
  • There is only 1 ADMIN per lock.
  • You can become ADMIN of the lock by entering a serial number and activation code during setup which is provided in the box.

  • The ADMIN phone can send a mobile key to any user.
  • Each user needs to use the KAS app to retrieve and unlock the door.
  • The virtual user key is sent by a secure cloud which requires internet access.
  • When the USER phone unlocks the door, it will send a message back to the ADMIN phone that the key has been used.
  • The door lock is NOT connected to WIFI.
Send unlimited user mobile keys to each lock

Types of user mobile keys:

  • Permanent Key – always valid until revoked by ADMIN phone
  • Periodic Key – valid between START DATE and END DATE
  • Permanent Key Restriction – always valid between START TIME and END TIME and DAYS OF THE WEEK until revoked by ADMIN phone (example: always valid between 9:00am and 5:30PM Mon-Fri, otherwise no access)

  • The ADMIN phone can generate one time passwords from the app.
  • The pin code is sent to any user via their own SMS/Email service.
  • The user receives the pin code and enters it manually onto the keypad.
  • The user does not need to download the app to unlock the door.
  • The door lock is not connected to a WIFI network. This door lock is the most affordable solution to create remote pin code access without connecting to a WIFI network.
Send unlimited one time passwords for each lock

Types of one time passwords:

  • One Time – issued with a start date. The user can use this pin code once anytime after the pre-determined start date
    • Example: pin code will work only once after the pre-determined start date
  • Hourly – issued with a start date and hour duration. The user can gain access with this pin code only between the start date and within the hour duration set.
    • Example: pin code will work only for 8 hours
  • Daily – issued with a start date and daily duration. The user can gain access with this pin code only between the start date and within the day duration set.
    • Example: pin code will work only for 3 days


  • The ADMIN phone can manage access to multiple door locks.
  • The door locks do not need to be connected to WIFI to manage.
  • Each ADMIN can manage more than 30 door locks from the app account. If you need to manage more than 30, contact us for a lock system quote which is normally installed in hotels/motels.
  • The KAS App is perfect for self-management of rentals from about 1-30+ doors.



Bluetooth access always valid. Useful for business owners or for permanent access to residential homes.


Check-in/check-out style. Only valid for a period of time. Useful for temporary guest or staff. Issuing a Bluetooth mobile key gives you the ability to modify the mobile key credential validity at any time from anywhere in the world.


Similar to the Permanent Mobile Key; however, access is restricted to days of the week, times of the day. It does not expire unless removed by ADMIN. Useful for cleaners, business staff and office hours access.

Secure pairing with high encryption binding to admin smartphone.

Every Bluetooth enabled lock device is securely paired to an administrator on the KAS APP. Only one administrator can be bound to a lock device. The admin can then manage all settings and create access credentials for the device. The credentials are RFID, Keypad and BLE access types. The pairing process is not similar to regular Bluetooth products as only one device can be the administrator. User phones are allowed to automatically ‘pair’ with the device after admin approval.

Open an electronic lock using the smartphone app.

Smartphones can open the lock using Bluetooth on the app. The administrator can manage settings which are personalised to your desired settings, such as ingress time, passage mode, common door, LED brightness, buzzer volume, enabled/disabled RFID or keypad, change the code, add user code, and add RFIDs tags; very cool stuff.

Send remote access to the lock from anywhere in the world

Have the ability to create a key and provide access to any user from anywhere in the world. You can create the 3 types of mobile keys and revoke the mobile key instantly. The user downloads the mobile key from the internet and therefore, must be on the internet to receive the key. Management of the lock device and settings changes must be conducted in local Bluetooth range with the admin device. Only the use of issuing Bluetooth Access mobile keys can be done remotely. Editing the settings must be conducted in local Bluetooth range for the lock device. See instructions for more details.

Easy management of up to 30 lock devices with the one interface.

The app can manage between 1 to 30 devices. The interface is all controlled with the administrator app account.  The app is free to download and each lock purchase comes with 1 admin token to pair and administrate with one lock. If you wish to administrate more than 1 device, you have to complete an in-app purchase to manage 2-10 and 10+ devices respectively.  If you want to manage more than 30 devices using KAS App, contact us! We would love to share with you what we have coming.

Download PDF for App features and functions

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KAS APP available for download now. Apple and Android.

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