Article written for the BUPA Collaborative Marketing campaign.

Why does KAS recommend Smartphone access control?

The simplest form of a security system is keyless. Smartphone access control is a rapidly trending market and has been popular for a number of years.  KAS have developed and released a brand new product line called eKeys which allows keyless entry to your door locks with a Smartphone app.  The eKeys app can send a Bluetooth eKey to another user from anywhere in the world. Smartphone keyless access is extremely secure and convenient for any type of premise.

What is unique about the eKeys system, and unique to KAS?

The eKeys app is perfect for Home Automation, Airbnb and temporary accommodation sites. KAS has designed unique technology that can send users Bluetooth eKeys, creating an entirely new realm of keyless access across Australia.  The unlocking-with-your-Smartphone concept has rolled out across large corporate hotels and KAS are providing the same level of security and functionality to medium-sized motels and other accommodation properties across Australia.

What equipment is required?

Unlocking your front door with your Smartphone is the ultimate in mobile access control.  Cross-platform technology allows unlocking via your iPhone or Android with the touch of a button. Download the eKeys app from the App Store, pair securely, use BLE and start unlocking your door with your phone. It’s that simple. For Hotel Systems that want self check-in eKeys, an access point is setup that is connected to the hotel WIFI and communicates directly to the Electronic Hotel Lock hardware via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

What installation/setup is involved?

Installation is simple. If you can install a regular door lock, you can install an eKeys enabled Electronic Door Lock from KAS. Lock setup requires a unique serial code that means only 1 device can connect and administrate the Bluetooth door lock.  Lock hardware durability is important, so why have a door lock with the ultimate technology that fails from poor service. Warranty and hardware durability are key points-of-difference that KAS stands behind, as well as 100% Australian backup support and service.