Platinum – Premium Hotel Lock

KAS offers a complete range of state-of-the-art Electronic Hotel Locks that use the international standard Mifare-1 RFID technology. Keycards are programmed using the internal Lock Management System that can read the RFID contactless proximity readers on the electronic hotel lock.  Every electronic hotel lock can be set up to work as a guest room, staff room or group room.

The LMS-Platinum represents the latest development in Keyless Electronic Lock Systems, offering a versatile, reliable and technologically advanced solution for customer and staff access. It is available in stainless steel or a brass finish for long lasting durability. This lock has also met the Australian Standards certification requirements for most of the common fire-rated doors.


LMS-Platinum – Electronic Hotel Lock

  • Mifare card RFID access type
  • Stainless steel door finish
  • Automatic locking (5 secs after ingress)
  • Deadlatch from the front, free passage from the inside
  • Fire-rated to Australian Standards AS-1905.1-2005 / AS-1530.4- 1997 / AS-1530.4-1990.
  • 2-year warranty – Door hardware and lock software
  • Battery powered 3 x AA with low voltage tone
  • Mechanical override keys – 2 x supplied per lock – Neatly concealed barrel under the front lock face, no pins or disruptive covers

Product Information

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Product Features
  • • Quick and simple programming
  • • Automatic locking after entry
  • • Monitor room entry logs
  • • Low battery warning alarm
  • • AS Fire-rated certification

Software Features
  • • User-friendly and simple to setup
  • • You have full access and keycard programming rights
  • • Multiple levels of room access for your staff and guests
  • • Control keycard issuing permissions for different staff levels
  • • Download room unlocking records with mobile programmer

Door Latch Hardware

KAS offers two types of heavy duty stainless steel 304 construction latch types that have been designed to retrofit into existing doors without the need for extra door cutting. They are fire-rated to Australian standards and certified on most types of Australian fire doors. The mortise latch comes in a 70mm backset. The tubular latch comes in 70mm and 127mm backset options (60mm upon request).

Tubular latch

Mortise latch


Technical Information

Operating Information Battery Operated 3 x AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life 12-18 Months
Low voltage alarm < 4.5 V
Key card frequency 13.56MHz
Key Card RFID Proximity 10~40mm
Verification time < 1 second


Review the last 512 entries on every lock.

Has something gone missing from a guest room? Want to view when your cleaners have entered a room? This is all possible and easy to achieve with your hand-held programmer.

Restrict access to specific rooms.

Whether it’s guests who are behind on their payment or general maintenance on certain areas, you can deny access effortlessly without any hassles. You are also able to switch your locks from ‘Locked’ to ‘Unlocked’ in seconds, there is no need to issue everyone a Guest Card for high traffic areas and you can turn a guest room into a meeting room for the day.

Easy plug and play Keycard and Guest Card encoder.

Simple connection via USB port and it sits on your reception desk for fast access and keycard encoding.

Eliminate the need for costly locksmith fees.

Sick of searching for lost keys? Need a duplicate room keycard?

Remove the daily stress by encoding a keycard. Simply encode another keycard, depending on your selection you can make the previous card invalid.

Manage your own electronic lock software

Manage your own Electronic Hotel Lock Management System using the KAS-LMS-V8.0 software, card encoder, mobile programmer and Mifare-1 RFID technology. Go keyless! This can all be done from your reception computer.

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