Electronic Lock Software

Electronic Hotel Lock Management Software

  • Guest and Master Cards may be encoded to access individual or multiple rooms
  • Cards can be individually customised for the premises
  • Specific access to certain levels may be set up for Guest and/or Staff Cards
  • Access history is recorded for every Electronic Hotel Lock
  • Individual room access is easily managed i.e., you can deny access for guests (without permission) or re-program emergency and ‘Free Passage’ access
  • Master Cards, Guest Cards, Staff/Building Cards (with time restrictions) and common gates or any access control points where electronic locks are fitted may be controlled individually
  • Windows Microsoft SQL Server software is used for data management and storage
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac
  • User-friendly operating system
  • Easy to read software manual
  • Personalise your access gate names i.e., Pool gate, gymnasium, etc…
  • There are 14 kinds of cards with 28 authority levels, allowing for a custom-made Access Management System.

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LMS Card Encoder

  • Plug and Play operation
  • Card Type: Mifare-1
  • Easy to use through a USB port
  • Satisfies ISO14443A Standard
  • The USB HID MF1 card encoder is specially designed for identity recognition
  • Encode Mifare-1 cards from the convenience of the reception desk
  • The KAS-LMS-V8.0 Lock Management Software may be used with the USB Cable Encoder to program multiple room cards to give guests Keyless Access to their allocated room
  • Program as many cards per room as required
  • Staff Cards and Master Cards can also be programmed using the USB Cable Encoder

Software System Components

  • – Licensed installed software (installed by KAS using remote login Team Viewer)
  • – USB encoder
  • – Mobile programmer
  • – Personalised training and installation session to assist setup of software requirements

Software & USB encoder features:

  • – Read/write/modify functions to access Mifare cards and key fobs
  • – Encoder links to the Mobile Programmer for downloading and uploading information to the locks and access control readers

Mobile Programmer features:

  • – Uses infrared to transfer data between the lock and programmer.
  • – Audit history feature: can download the last 512 entries per access point
  • – Battery depletion check
  • – Lock or ACR programming status check
  • – Date / Time setting and confirmation
  • – Reprogram capability to all locks and ACR’s

All-in-1 Mifare-One Card Solution

The One-Card-Solution is Philips Mifare-1, and provides state-of-the-art technology for Hotel Access Control. In addition to the higher security card encryption levels that earlier technology lacks, each Guest Card is unique and can be integrated with additional Uni-Card applications, such as Point Of Sale systems, VIP Self Check-in Booths, Access Control Services and cashless villages.

The KAS-LMS-V8.0 software is compatible with Mifare-1 Standards

The KAS Hotel Lock Management System has adopted Mifare-1 as its core technology, combining the Hotel Lock System with full Access Control to offer our customers the One-Card-Solution to your accommodation needs. The One-Card-Solution offers a combination of Lock Management options, where point of sale systems and self-check-in systems all can be accessed by the same cardholder using the one card. This is achieved using the 16 individually encryptable storage sectors available on a Mifare-1 card.

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