Energy Saving Devices

Save power and money for your accommodation site with our Energy Saving Devices.

Insert Keycard for power

  • Insert the Guest Card into the Energy Saving Device upon entry to switch on the power
  • Remove Guest Card when exiting to switch off the power
  • Dual Relay Feature: When doors or windows are opened, the ‘magnetic proximity’ switches will cut the A/C power and the lights will remain on

Install Energy Saving Devices in your hotel room to save money on power consumption!

Older generations of Energy Saving Devices (ESD) can be activated with any business or other plastic loyalty cards. The Energy Saving Devices supplied by KAS are activated using our KAS supplied guest cards only, which significantly increases the gained savings from this unique device.

energy saving device switch hotel room power

Enter room key for power

When guests insert a keycard into the energy switch, the main power supply is turned on. The lighting system, TV and sockets are then activated.

Switch is activated only using issued room card

The switch will only be activated by KAS system Guest Cards and not other business or plastic loyalty cards.

Dual relay feature for Air conditioning

The A/C is turned off when a window/door is opened to conserve power. It is re-activated when the window/door is closed again.

Remove room key to switch off power

When guests remove their card as they leave, all power is switched off after a 30 second egress time.

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Dual Relay Feature

The Energy Saving Device (ESD-950) has two relay switches. The first relay will power up the lights and room power while the Guest Card is installed inside the reader. The second relay will only allow the air conditioning system to operate if the Guest Card is inserted and the windows and/or doors are fully closed. This is achieved by installing a reed switch on the doors and windows.

Upon vacating the room and taking your Guest Card with you, all the ‘mains’ power and air conditioning systems will be switched off.

energy saving device switch hotel room power

ESD-950 Specifications

  • Voltage 16 Amp 220-240V-50Hz
  • Ÿ Exit time delay: 15-30 seconds
  • Ÿ Load current: 8A (MAX 16A total)
  • Dual-relay for independent control of A/C and Lights
  • Ÿ Magnetic Contact Switch for doors and/or windows to deactivate Air Conditioning System
  • Ÿ Colour: White
  • Ÿ Operating Temp: -10°C to 60°C
  • Ÿ Operating humidity: 50°C 10 to 95% RH
  • Ÿ Dimensions: W86mm x H86mm x D46mm