To setup and program the access control reader

There are 2 main components of the Access Control System (ACS) which you some become familiar with.  There are also additional optional devices that comprise the ACS, a door release and the REX button.  You can install a regular handle lockset if you wish to exclude the REX button. (i.e. Entry is granted by ACR as the handle is locked from the outside, Exit is granted by the free passage handle from the inside.)

All these components make up the Access Control System (ACS)
1. Access Control Reader ACR


2. Access Control Module ACM

(Electric Strike ES/Electro-magnetic Lock EM)

(OPTIONAL) 4. Request to Exit Button REX


Install all components of the access control system. Any regular handle is suitable as long as the latch fits inside the electric strike, or glass door handles if electro-magnetic lock is used. If the client elects to not have a REX button, the inside door handle can be left in free passage for egress.

KAS can supply electric door release relay and REX button.  KAS do not supply the regular handle locksets for the door.

The wiring diagram and is provided here.


Wiring and Installation:
Access Control Reader: 2 x 12V DC cable from wall reader to Access Control Module.
Access Control Module: 1 x 240V AC inside the door in a secure, out-of-reach location.
REX button: 2 x figure 8 cable running to Access Control Module.
ES Electric: same position as regular strike plate, same height as lockset with 12V DC running to Access Control Module.
EM Electro-magnetic lock: on top of door frame with appropriate inwards/outwards swing – 12v Figure 8 cable running to Access Control Module.


Take Mobile Programmer and download software data before setting room number on the lock.

  1. Plug programmer into USB-port
  2. Open KAS-LMS Software
  3. Click “Download Data”
  4. Wait for confirmation message

Now you can program the locks with the mobile programmer.  Take the mobile programmer and do the following:

  1. Press 3,
  2. Press Run,
  3. Hold onto induction area until 5 fast beeps are heard – You do not have to remove the black cover
  4. Wait for signal onto the programmer
  5. Press the button on the PCB inside the Access Control Module – WARNING 240VAC
  6. Flashing Green LED on ACM for confirmation (Flashing RED identifies it is already programmed)

Set the clock;

  1. Press 1
  2. Press Run
  3. Hold onto induction area until 5 fast beeps are heard – You do not have to remove the black cover
  4. One long beep to confirm and message on the Mobile Programmer to confirm
Normal State Slow Flashing Red – powered Flashing Red – powered and programmed
Flashing Green – powered and unprogrammed
Programming mode
Waiting for button press on ACM
After 3 sec button press on ACM
Flashing Red/Blue
Flashing Blue – fading until complete
Flashing Red/Blue
Solid Green – until programming complete
Card accepted Flashing Blue Flashing Blue
Card denied Flashing Red Solid Red

Access Control System setup complete.
Your system is ready.