To download unlocking records from a room


Take Mobile Programmer and download software data before going to retrieve unlocking records.

This ensure the Mobile Programmer has the latest software records and syncs the clock data.

  1. Plug programmer into USB-encoder
  2. Open software
  3. Click “Download Data”
  4. Wait for confirmation message

Take the mobile programmer to the room you wish download and do the following:

  1. Press ‘2’,
  2. Press ‘Run’,
  3. Hold to lock induction area, you might have to adjust the position of the mobile programmer for the best alignment of IR (infrared) readers to successful download.
  4. It will retrieve the last 512 unlocking records.
  5. Wait until you see confirmation message, (the Mobile Programmer will count up consecutively during this time)
  6. One long beep heard for confirmation

Take mobile programmer back to the software computer to extract the door records.

  1. Plug programmer into USB-encoder
  2. Open KAS-LMS Software
  3. Click “Read Door Data”
  4. Wait for confirmation message

Success! You will be able to see all unlocking records for the room number.

You can see; who entered, when, what card has been used and when the mechanical key has been used.

Downloading lock records complete.

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