Welcome to Getting Started for KAS-LMS Software

KAS-LMS is designed for all those who want a simple, flexible, tailor-made electronic lock system.  KAS-LMS is simple because it is a plug and play service and it is flexible because in couple of couple of clicks you can tailor the entire system to your sites needs.

Getting started

This is a step-by-step guide to getting started on KAS-LMS


Check system requirements.


Install Team Viewer *Make sure you Install Team Viewer Version**
Installing Team Viewer


DO NOT RUN etc. etc.
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The first time you use KAS-LMS, you must create and configure the door and room layout.  The door list is empty by default. One by one, you must add your doors.
How do I add a door?


Now that you have configured the door and room layout, you can program keycards to open them.

  1. Prepare a master keycard that will open all your doors (we advice you set a long validity period – for example one year).
  2. Then you might prepare a room keycard for each single door (if you assign a long validity period they could be kept in a safe place as spare/emergency keys).
  3. We recommend to identify these keys/cards (with a label or permanent marker) in order for safe keeping

How do I create a keycard?


When you have programmed your keys, one by one you can initialise the door locks (electronic locks, wall readers)
How do I initialise an electronic device?

Your system is ready.
In the future, you might find is useful searching for help in this FAQ by topic.