To program the room number onto the lock


By default, the lock is permanently in an unlocked (“open”) state. This is factory default, which means the installer can never lock himself/herself out whilst installing. To put the lock in a normal auto-locking state (“only open when card present”) you can place a keycard to the lock and that will initialise the lock.


Insert batteries into the cartridge. Careful not to lose the screw, or tighten too tight – otherwise you can damage the plastic battery cartridge.


Take mobile programmer and download software data before setting room number on the lock.

  1. Plug programmer into USB-encoder
  2. Open software
  3. Click “download data”
  4. Wait for confirmation message

Make sure the mobile programmer has the most update to date ‘download data’ in the software.  This is the data logic that is transferred between the keycards and software setup and if incorrect, the lock will not function correctly. Any changes to a door in the ‘download data’ in the software will require door re-programming.  The software is setup remotely by KAS during client software install.


Now you can program the locks with the mobile programmer.  Take the mobile programmer and do the following:

  1. Press ‘3’,
  2. Press ‘Run’,
  3. Enter ‘Programming Reference Number’
  4. Press ‘Run’,
  5. Hold to lock induction area,
  6. Wait until you see confirmation message, *Repeat step if this confirmation message is not displayed on mobile programmer
  7. Rotate privacy snib 90 degrees back and forth to confirm,
  8. One long beep heard for confirmation,

Programming Reference Number for example: 100317, i.e Building “10”, Floor “03”, Room “17”. This can be found on the ‘Set Room Number’ on the software or on a pre-filled Programming Reference Number Sheet which KAS fills out for every software setup installation after discussing with the clients.


Set the clock; Note: It is possible to do this with the door closed.

  1. Press ‘1’,
  2. Press ‘Run’,
  3. Hold until programmer to lock induction area
  4. Wait until you see confirmation message, *Repeat step if this confirmation message is not displayed on mobile programmer
  5. One long beep is heard for confirmation

Finally, present any keycard on the lock reader and open the door. This will initialise the lock into an “auto-locking” state and test the RFID reader, electronics and locking function before moving onto the next door.

Lock programming complete.

If you do not have Access Control Readers installed,
Your system is ready.

If you need to program Access Control readers,

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