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We are continuously implementing new integration features and partners. For the latest update please continue to visit this page

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This integration using the Toolkit.

Note: Does not support Option 3 – contact us to submit a request to have this option fast tracked.

Contact KAS


Tool Kit Fee $580 (Once off)

Integrated Cloud Based Hotel PMS – Booking Engine – Payments – Online Concierge. Mobile Concierge

This integration will feature direct integration control from the Mews interface. There will be buttons and configurable trigger events which happen inside the Mews interface which will integrate directly with a KAS door lock.

Outcomes for trigger events include:

  • Issue RFID guest key for room(s)
  • Issue pin code/password key for room(s)
  • Issue mobile key for room(s)

The integration will be built using the Mews Connector.

The integration time is planned and delivery dates will be provided soon.

Contact KAS for delivery times & setup costs


Contact Mews for more examples of how the Mews interface looks like (KAS cannot answer these questions as we won’t have access to this at any stage)

Checkfront makes it easy to manage bookings and customers in a unified tool set, while seamlessly integrating into popular services that empower your business.

Undetermined at this stage.

Experienced personnel capable of developing software applications and integration.  Our experience in developing PABX interfaces has provided us with the expertise to develop the serial interfaces required for many existing hardware platforms

Please contact InfoDen Directly

Multiple options available and integration partners aviable

Australian Callers: 07 3342 4552
International Callers: +61 7 3342 4552

Sales: sales@infoden.com.au
Support: support@infoden.com.au

RoomMaster is the powerful, flexible, easy-to-use, and affordable PMS software system from innQuest

No cost from KAS.

KAS have contacted innQuest multiple times. They flicked us to their US development team and and said the integration can only be built by their US team, that they build integrations based on demand and that integration costs start at US$5K.

Please contact roommaster for pricing and to push this item further back to innQuest to start building the integration.

Software Solutions are industry leaders in property management system development for the accommodation sector in Australia

Hirum are provided an integrated solution for KAS locks.

It means there will be a button on their system which gives you a direct click action to do the following:

  • Issue RFID card for room(s)
  • Send mobile key for room(s)
  • Send password key (pin code) for room(s)

As this integration is still in development, the information here may change and is dependent on what Hirum build into their system as it is not up to KAS.

Phone: +61 7 55744990
Fax: +61 7 55744991

Sales Enquiries: sales@hirum.com.au
Technical Support: info@hirum.com.au

No cost from KAS.

Please contact Hirum for their pricing and integration status.

Provide your guests with a smooth online experience and easily manage your RV Park with our award-winning property management software.

Checkout this link here for more info

This integration using the Toolkit.

Note: this toolkit supports Options 1, 2 and 3.

This integration does NOT use the Access Codes feature on Newbook. If you want to use this key try looking at the Web Console offered by KAS.

Contact KAS to get started.


Tool Kit Fee $580 (Once off)

24 Hour Automated Touch Screen Kiosk, Keysafe, Key Return & Control Systems

No cost from KAS

Please contact Check Inn Systems Directly as there a multiple options available.

Phone: + 61 3 9555 5444
Technical Support : + 61 3 9001 0851
Fax: + 61 3 9555 5445


RMS Cloud is a globally renowned software company with headquarters in Australia. RMS produce and support Online Booking, Channel Management and Front Office Systems to the world’s hospitality industry.

This integration will feature direct integration control from the RMS interface. There will be buttons on the RMS interface which talk directly to the KAS lock system.

The following features are available for however it is up to the RMS integrator to specify on which features they include:

  • Issue RFID guest key for room(s)
  • Issue pin code/password key for room(s)
  • Issue mobile key for room(s)

The integration development is underway and delivery dates will be provided soon.

No cost from KAS.

Two Solution Options:

Solution Provider 1: Offered by InfoDEN

Multiple options & features are available. Please contact InfoDen directly on sales@infoden.com.au

Solution Provider 2: Offered by RMS

This solution is currently in development and will be updated shortly. Pricing is unknown. Please contact RMS.

Partnering with KAS

Can’t see you’re what you’re looking for?

Email us! Send us an email and include the following:

  • A brief description of your request and why you want it
  • Contact details of the other party you wish to involve
  • Ensure that you contact the other party directly too and provide us with their written response via email. That way we can fast-track a potential integration. This also provides evidence that we can provide to the solution provider that customers like yourself are asking for an integration between the solutions.

The request will be added to our list. Information and updates will be added to this page.

Please note that integration features & services may incur extra fees from the other party. You will need to discuss those directly with them when an integration is available.

Integration Unavailable At This Time

Unfortunately, we are unable to integrate with some platforms. This may be due to several factors. See below for more details.

Not available at this time.

Does not support open API.