Integration Partners

Preferred Integration Partners.

What it takes to be a preferred partner.

While the integration setup can be a lengthy single-sided project, preferred integration partners work closely with us, allowing our clients to utilise more features than others.

This allows us to confidently test and implement new features faster and have stronger support on current projects & timelines


Partnering with KAS

Can’t see your platform?

Contact your property management platform and formally request that you would like an integration with “KAS”.

They will need these links

Please provide us with their written response via email. That way we can fast-track a potential integration. This would also provide the evidence that customers like yourself are asking for an integration between the solutions.

*Please note your property management platform may have charges associated with integration.

Platforms currently in development...



Platforms we have planned for...


Offered by another solution provider. Contact:


Platforms that we can not integrate with.

Unfortunately, some Platforms do not have an open API/Integration package.

If this is the case, that means we can not integrate with them.

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