NFC Door Locks use the NFC enabled Smartphone to gain entry into the electronic lock.  Your smartphone becomes your personal keycard or FOB.

Near Field Communication – NFC Door Lock

Near field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless communication that uses small radio frequency antennas that transmit and receive signals. Many Smartphones have NFC chips built inside the phone that can transmit and receive data. NFC is safe. It operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and all it is doing is identifying us, and our subscripted information, to a computer.

NFC has been around since 1983 and only recently, are NFC enabled Smartphones using the benefits of this advanced and secure technology.

What is NFC used for?

  1. Smartphone automation and NFC tags – electronic keycard access control through NFC devices are enabled on the Smartphone
  2. Commerce – NFC devices such as contactless payment systems
  3. Social networking – sharing contacts, photos and videos
  4. Advertising – NFC tags and stickers on public posters, once touched, activates exclusive promotions and app commands

NFC unlocking device via Smartphone is here!

  • No more keys
  • No more codes
  • No more swipe cards
  • The NFC Door Lock is your most convenient access control device on the market

How does the NFC Door Lock work?

It’s quite simple; if you have an NFC enabled device in your Smartphone, you can use your phone as a keycard to gain access into your front door. Feedback from the market on the NFC Door Lock has been extremely positive.  Having the benefit of using your Smartphone as your wallet and key requirements is an elementary step to integrating your life into one simple device.

Compatible Smartphones

  • Any device enabled with the NFC Forum Type 2 compatibility
  • Samsung, Android, HTC etc

iPhone’s are now NFC enabled!

Apple have released the new iPhone 6 and 6+ and they have an NFC device inside. The phone has only been enabled to work with Apple Pay which means it is locked for third party applications. There are two options to get around this.  Either use a NFC sticker on the back of the phone which is extremely common and the cheapest, best solution, or download the KAS eKey NFC app which can access the NFC Door Lock wirelessly via the internet. The KAS eKey is currently still being developed.