A new video release of the eKeys product launch soon to be available for purchase.

eKeys will be available for the eTouch electronic Bluetooth lock product and available for download on Apple and Android App Stores.  Late-2017, it will also be available in the Electronic Hotel Door Lock range.

Unlock the eTouch electronic Bluetooth door lock with your smartphone from anywhere in the world!

[Video script:  Why KAS recommends smartphone access control? Smartphone access control is a rapidly trending market. KAS released a brand new product line called eKeys. It is the ultimate electronic lock. The eKeys app can send a Bluetooth eKey to another user from anywhere in the world. The eKeys app is perfect for remote management and self-entry apartments. Some of the features you can do with the eKeys system: send a permanent eKey, send a period eKey valid between check-in check-out dates, send a staff eKey only valid between office hours, live unlocking records sent to the owner’s phone. Visit the KAS website for more…]