Access Control Bundle Kit

Access Control Bundle Kit


The Access Control Starter Pack is perfect a keyless entry from home or office use!

The kit includes all you need to set up a keyless access system.

Select from the items below to build your own access control pack and to view your total:

Access Control *

Select access control reader

Exit Button *

Select button preference. This is a Press-for-exit button and usually installed on the inside of the door.

Electric Opener *

Select the electric opening method. These are normally installed on the door frame. The most common device is normally “Standard Electric Strike”

Power Supply *

Select a power source

Remote Control Upgrade *

Select remote control upgrade preference. This remote controller is used to open the door by the remote control button from a large distance away (~20m). Great for front gates!

RFID Credentials *

Select your RFID credential preference. Note: The FOB colour will depend on which access control reader you’ve selected. We will work that out for you.

  • Product Description


    Build your own Access Control Bundle Kit

    The Access Control Bundle Kit is perfect to convert existing doors into a keyless access solution.  KAS makes it really easy for you to select the components necessary to turn almost any door/entrance area into a keyless solution.  You can build your own kit from the selection of components on this page.  Not every component is compulsory. View the component details in the product description below. If you need further technical info, click the link to the component and it will redirect to the root product page for that component.

    KAS search far and wide for the best quality access control products throughout Australia at the lowest costs. KAS is a supply only access control company and, as such, we do not offer installation.  Installation varies door to door and because of this, it is up to your local installer/ builder/carpenter/electrician.  Usually, any certified electrician can install these products.

    Access Control Bundle Kit

    Great for…

    • – Glass doors
    • – Aluminum frame doors
    • – Sliding doors
    • – Swinging wooden doors which are required to be 12V DC hard wired (using a standard electric strike)

    Not good for…

    • – Swinging wooden doors which can have a battery operated door lock
    • – Doors with existing door knob

    If you have a similar door on this list. You need an electronic door lock product – go here


    Select your components

    Access Control Reader

    Standard Keypad & RFID mifare

    Fingerprint & RFID

    Water Resistant RFID Reader

    Slimline Keypad & RFID

    Exit Button



    Mushroom Top (Disability Compliant)

    The REX button (Request-to-Exit) is installed on the inside of the door. usually next to a light switch. When pressed, it will power the electric opener which allows exit. If you do not want to have a REX button, you could also have a free passage handle on the inside to rotate the handle for exit.


    Electric Opener

    Standard Electric Strike

    Electromagnetic Lock

    Sliding Frame Electric Latch

    Sliding Door Mag Lock

    Fire Rated Electric Strike

    Slimline Electric Strike

    Electric Drop Bolt

    Power Supply

    12V DC Hardwired (with UPS Backup Terminals)

    If your power goes out, the power supply has battery power terminals to temporarily power the system. You can attach a battery pack to the terminals on this power supply to keep your system powered in the event of power out. KAS does not supply the battery. Alternatively, you can purchase any UPS battery power supply from Jaycar or similar to power the system.

    Remote Control Upgrade

    Remote Controller with Relay Box

    This remote includes 1 remote button and 1 relay box. The relay box is installed inline with the electric opener. The switch will bypass the keypad reader and active the electric opener.

    RFID Credentials

    RFID Keycards


    Either keycards or FOBs will work on any access control reader. It’s completely up to you.

  • FAQ

    Q:  What is the length of warranty on this product?

    A: The Bundle Kit Starter Pack has a 12-month warranty, with postage included in the price.

    Q: Who can install this product?

    A:  A qualified electrician is required to install the Bundle Kit Starter Pack as it will be connected to the main power source.

    Q: I want to get this kit but need two remotes instead of one. How do I get another?

    A: Extra remote controls for the Bundle Kit can be bought online at any time. Just go to the ‘Products’ tab on the website, then go to ‘Remote Accessories’. There you will be able to add extra remote controls to your cart before Checkout. 

    Q: Hi! Quick question. With the Keyless Access Bundle, how far away can the exit button be located? We want to be able to release the gate from our front door. Can we also have a second exit button located just near the gate? So, we want one from within the house when visitors arrive and one next to the gate for when people leave.

    A: The internal button can be located as far away as required as long as you can run 12v DC cables to where you wish to install the button. 

    Q: We want an electronic door lock (with FOB, card and remote access) and like the eTouch series, but do not want the extra door handle. Is this product most suited to our needs?

    A:  If you don’t want to replace your existing door handle but want keyless entry, this Bundle Kit is perfect! Rather than replacing the door handle, the Bundle Kit will release and lock the electric strike installed on the door frame.

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