Bluetooth Access Control

Bluetooth Access Control


Bluetooth Access Control  is used to gain access through a door using an Electric Entry System.  Access is granted by using smartphone, keycards / FOBs or a pin code that can be programmed into the lock with the eKeys app.

Open using your smartphone, change the pin code and download unlocking records through the eKeys app.

Send a remote Bluetooth key to any user from anywhere in the world.

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    Bluetooth Access Control – eKeys Mobile Access

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    Download PDF Bluetooth Access Control Brochure

    Includes wiring diagram, functions and product dimensions

    Water Resistant Slimline Keypad & RFID Access Control is used to gain access through a door using an Electric Entry System. Access is granted by using keycards or FOBs that can be programmed into the lock, or by entering a personalised PIN code. This Access Control reader is compatible with the eKeys app.


    • – Keypad
    • – User manual
    • – Installation instructions
    • – 2 fixing screws and wall plugs



    • Access via entry code and RFID keycards
    • Fully self-programmable by eKeys app (no need for a computer or locksmiths)
    • Suitable for internal and external use
    • Water resistant IP68
    • Quick, easy steps to program an entry code
    • Door can open directly from the keypad via an electric strike
    • 30 RF keycard users (in addition to keypad access)
    • 12V DC requirement
    • Backlight keypad
    • Can be used as a stand-alone keypad access control, an access control reader or a controller
    • Wiegand 26 output
    • Can include remote control entry


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    • Free regular postage/shipment within Australia and GST inclusive.
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    Additional information

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  • FAQ

    Q: Can Bluetooth keys be created remotely?

    A: Yes, you can create, send, revoke, block, modify any access type from anywhere in the world from your app!

    Q: Can PIN codes for the keypad also be created in the app? Or only on the keypad?

    A: Yes, PIN codes can be created and names assigned from the app. New pin codes are updated to the lock via Bluetooth

    Q: Can these PIN codes be created in the app remotely (far from the actual keypad – from anywhere in the world)?

    A: You can create access remotely from anywhere in the world with using Bluetooth mobile keys only. All other communication of data and access credentials is via Bluetooth.  This keeps the system extremely simple and security without complex network setup and loss issues. We consider security and managing your access securely of the highest importance. 

    Q: Can these PIN codes also be assigned as one of the three type of access (permanent, period, restricted)?

    A: PIN codes/ RFID cards can be assigned with the same access types as the Bluetooth key, yes.

    Q: How many PIN codes max can be created for the keypad

    A: 100 PIN codes for this model

    Q: Is there a re-lock (auto-lock) feature in the app and can it assignable (e.g. 1 to 30 seconds)

    A: Yes ingress time can be adjustable by Bluetooth using the app. Limits are 5 to 30 seconds.

    Q: Will this lock be available for delivery in the USA? Specifically Los Angeles, CA?

    A: Yes, this lock will be available internationally. 

    Q: Manual available for lock and eKey app? If so can you provide a link for review?

    A: Manual is currently being written. See brochure links on this page for more detail.

    Q: Does app support both texting and emailing of eKeys?

    A: Yes, eKeys are sent via a secure cloud server. This means they can be downloaded from anywhere. Texting service will come later.

    Q: Does shared eKey require guest to download app & create account in the app etc?

    A: Yes, any eKey user will require a quick and free download of the app. It’s necessary because providing access which may be unauthorised and get into the wrong hands is a serious security issue.  Why should you feel safe by sending someone access via a mobile phone number or email and you’re not sure that the email/number is authorised or lost or stolen? KAS believe this is the best and most secure system logic available using this technology.  The app interface is kept very raw with little branding and we offer proprietary branding solutions to large scale customers/offices/hotels etc. This will be app icon, app name, business logo and 3 colour pallet brandings. That’s all you need, the rest is done for you. 

    Q: Is shared eKey message to guest customizable in the app or already preset?

    A: Sending personal message strings are customisable. I believe 1 to 100 words or so is the limit set so far. More to come with this when we release a texting service. 

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