Cloud SQL Subscription

Cloud SQL Subscription

$55.00 / month and a $150.00 sign-up fee

Host your lock software in the cloud!

Use KAS Lock-S Software from any laptop, anywhere in the world.

  • Product Description


    Main features

    • – Remote Unlock Any Door*
    • – Remote Send Mobile Key
    • – Remote Create Sitewide Pincodes*
    • – Remotely Create Single Door Pincode
    • – Live and continuous backup of your database

    Download KAS Lock-S Cloud DB Flyer


    What you get:

    1. KAS will host your lock software database in the cloud.
    2. This means your reception computer and any other computer will get live access to your lock software database over the internet.
    3. With a Cloud SQL Database, you can do all the things you would from the reception computer on a remote laptop.
    4. It means for any laptop, anywhere in the world, can log in to the software and send mobile keys or remote unlock
    5. The databases will sync between reception computer and any laptop.
    6. There will be a monthly cost for this cloud database.


    What are the costs and terms:

    1. $55/month billed as an automatic invoice
    2. $150.00 setup fee: once off
    3. Minimum term: 3 months.
    4. No cancellation fee
    5. Canceled plans halfway through the month will be charged for the remaining month.


    How does it work and what is the process:

    1. After you have agreed to the terms, KAS will connect to your computer and download the latest copy of your database.
    2. KAS will set up the cloud connection and configure your reception computer to the cloud database.
    3. All your existing data will remain and you do not have to reprogram any doors.
    4. All existing software will need to be reconnected to the new database, KAS will do this Free of charge.
    5. Any additional laptops or software to be installed will require an additional license fee. No extra setup fee for additional laptops.


    Terms and Conditions:

    1. The general terms and conditions of purchase at apply to the Cloud SQL Database subscription.
    2. The speed of the internet may vary from site to site and KAS will not be responsible for issues/delays caused on sites that cannot access their software due to the lack of internet.



    • This subscription is only compatible with Lock-S Software.
    • Please note: any computer connected to the SQL Cloud Database will always need internet for the lock software to function. Please consider the suitability for this carefully.

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