DM100 Digital Mechanical Door Lock


DM100 Digital Mechanical Door Lock

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The DM-100 Mechanical Digital Door Lock is a super versatile combination door lock made to fit almost any door and has a fully weather resistant rubber gasket. The ideal functions of the DM-100 are used on external gates or warehouse doors in need of frequent access and high security. The DM-100 is an extremely universal and versatile keyless lock that can be installed anywhere and everywhere.


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  • Product Description



    • – Fast code reset
    • – Suitable for all kinds of sliding door
    • – Rubber seal gasket included for water and dust protection
    • – Fully water resistant
    • – Able to fit left or right opening doors
    • – Simple install – easy to retrofit and replace existing sliding door locks
    • – Safety plunger/deadbolt on the latch for extra security
    • – No batteries required


    • – Front lock face – mechanical combination lock
    • – Rear face – handle for passage
    • – Rubber gaskets for a watertight seal
    • – Suitable for back doors, gates, sheds, warehouses, etc…
    • – Screw kit Striker plate User instructions
    • – Simple installation template

    DM100 Overview:

    DM How to change pin code:



    DM100 Specifications Sheet

  • FAQ

    Q: Do I need to specify whether I require left-hand or right-hand opening?

    A: The DM-100 is reversible for left and right opening doors. The install instructions and all hardware are provided.

    Q:  If you put the DM-100 on a gate through which you can put your manoeuvre your hand and reach around the back of the lock, can you unlock the gate by turning the back of the lock from the outside? If not, how do you get out if it locks while you’re inside? Or is it pretty standard that if you put a lock on a gate through which you can put your hand to reach around to the back of the lock (e.g. no perspex around the lock to prevent this), you’d always have to install a dual lock (i.e. locking from front and back – or our DM-200 lock)?

    A: Yes, if you wish to secure your gate from the front and the back you should install the DM-200. Commonly, the DM100 is installed with a perspex shield but in this instance, the DM-200 would be a quicker, more secure and better aesthetic. My advice would be to go for the DM-200.

    Q: What is the minimum door thickness required to install the DM-100?

    A: You will need to make sure your door is at least 32mm thick to install the DM-100.

    Q: How many codes can be programmed into the lock?

    A: The DM-100 only allows 1 code to be set. This code can be changed as many times as you like.

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