Sliding Door Magnetic 70kg

Sliding Door Magnetic 70kg


The Electro-Magnetic Door Latch for sliding doors is perfect for the minimalist and stylish look. Mounted on the top of the door frame and powered by 12V, it is the perfect touch to any new or existing door entrance for easy keyless access

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  • Product Description


    Working Voltage 12v/24v
    Working and Quiescent Currents: 170mA and 180mA
    Power: 2.2W
    Tension: 60-70kgs (150lbs)
    Temperature: C -20-55
    Humidity: 0-90%RH
    Fail Safe: Locked when energised
    Signal Output: EC-180-S
     Safety Function: Built-in voltage spike suppressor
     Opening Mode:  90-degree swinging door
    Suitable for: Wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, fireproof doors
    Net Weight: 1.2kg


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