ONYX – Fingerprint Lock – FP1000

ONYX – Fingerprint Lock – FP1000


Unlock your door using the latest fingerprint technology.

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  • Product Description


    Fingerprint Door Lock:

    This door lock uses 3rd generation fingerprint technology to unlock your door. Simply enrol your fingerprint in settings and the lock safely captures a copy of its features. Present your fingerprint to the lens and the door will automatically unlock for entry.  This fingerprint door lock is the newest feature of the keyless access range offered by KAS exclusively.


    • – Door lock opens by fingerprint
    • – Unlocking modes: Fingerprint, RFID Card, Password
    • – Capacity: 20 fingerprints, 20 RFID cards, 20 Passwords
    • – Battery operated
    • – Reversible handle

    Hardware Installation:

    • – Super simple installation and can fit almost any swinging door.
    • – Installed by any handyman or builder, you do not necessarily need a locksmith to install this lock.
    • – All components and screw fittings come with the lock
    • – Lock escutcheons supplied: front and back handle
    • – Comes with a user manual
    • – Reversible 60mm backset stainless steel tubular latch


    Fingerprint Lock Technical Data:

    Fingerprint Capacity                           100 pieces
    Languages                                            English
    Standard authorization                      Fingerprint, password, card, key
    Fake Fingerprint Read Time(FAR)     <0.00001%
    Right Fingerprint Misread (FRR)        <0.1%
    Matching Speed                                   <0.8s
    Working Angle                                     360 degrees free rotation
    Powered by                                          4 pieces of AA batteries
    Battery Lifetime                                  12 months
    Warning                                                Low battery warning function
    Working Voltage                                  DC 6V
    Limited Voltage                                   DC4.3V-9V
    Working Temperature                        -20`C -60`C
    Working Humidity                               20%-80%
    Emergency power supply                  USB power bank
    Suitable for                                           Security and wooden doors
    Weight                                                   3.5KGS



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