KAS Stainless Steel Tubular Latch


KAS Stainless Steel Tubular Latch


High-quality, high-grade stainless steel tubular latch. Designed by KAS for extra strength to replace the zinc-alloy tubular latch design. You no longer need to worry about bad quality latches.

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  • Product Description


    KAS Fire-rated tubular latches.

    • –  Heavy duty stainless steel tubular latch
    • –  60, 70, 127mm backset options
    • –  Stainless steel 306 construction
    • –  Up to 4 hours* fire rated
    • –  Two-way handle action clutch
    • –  Turning angle: 45.5°
    • –  Fully standard tubular latch and strike plate dimensions
    • –  Tubular latch supplied without the privacy pin. Suitable for: inwards opening internal doors


    Box contents

    • –  Stainless Steel Tubular Latch
    • –  Stainless steel striker plate
    • –  4 fixing screws
    • –  Plastic striker plate cup



    • –  Spindle sleeve material: zinc-alloy
    • – Use a 7.5 mm square spindle shaft with this sleeve to fit into an 8.0 mm square clutch hole


    Product Dimensions

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  • FAQ

    Q: Is the product stainless steel?

    A: Yes! The tubular latch is stainless steel and made to last.

    Q: What is the warranty for this product?

    A: You get a 24-month warranty and a 14-day money back guarantee! Shipping cost is also included in the price.

    Q: I am looking for a regular supply of this product at wholesale pricing.

    A: No problem. KAS offer wholesale pricing for approved sellers and partners. Click Partner Portal on the top of the screen to register today.

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