Neo Lock (PIN + BLE + RFID)


Neo Lock (PIN + BLE + RFID)


Unlock using Bluetooth Low Energy
Remote Unlock from anywhere in the world using a BLE Gateway
Fire Rated Digital Lock (AS 1530.4-2014)*


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  • ✓ 14-day 100% money back guarantee –  No questions asked
  • ✓ FREE shipping – Australia Wide – 2-3 day turnaround
  • ✓ Easy DIY Install – Replace your existing handle with this lock
  • ✓ If it doesn’t suit your door, get your money back – 100% money back guarantee!



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  • Product Description



    • – Unlocking modes: RFID Card, Password, Mobile App
    • – Capacity: 99 RFID cards, 1 Master Password, Mobile App
    • – Battery operated
    • – Reversible handle

    Hardware Installation:

    • – Super simple installation and can fit almost any swinging door.
    • – Installed by any handyman or builder, you do not necessarily need a locksmith to install this lock.
    • – All components and screw fittings come with the lock
    • – Lock escutcheons supplied: front and back handle
    • – Comes with a user manual
    • – Reversible stainless steel tubular latch (select backset 60 mm or 70 mm on checkout)
    • – Includes 5 x Black (mini) fobs here


    Remote Unlock Video Demonstration:

    • – Unlock from anywhere in the world with your app
    • – No Bluetooth, No Wifi, Only 3G/4G required
    • – Must have BLE Gateway next to the lock
    • – Setup in minutes


    Gateway (Optional Extra):



    Product Brochure:

    Download Brochure here


    Drilling Dimensions:

    Download Drilling Dimensions here


    Product Dimensions:

    Download Product Dimensions here


    Installation Instructions:

    Installation Instructions


    User Manual:

    Download User Manual


    *fire rating lock available upon request


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