ONYX – Password Bluetooth Digital Lock – BP1000

ONYX – Password Bluetooth Digital Lock – BP1000


Unlock your door using the latest Bluetooth technology.

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    Bluetooth, Password and RFID Digital Door Lock:

    This door lock is compatible with Lock-S Software and is Bluetooth enabled for mobile access.


    • – Unlock using your smartphone
    • – Unlocking modes: RFID Card, Password, Bluetooth key, Mechanical key
    • – Capacity: 20 RFID cards, 20 Passwords, 9 Bluetooth keys
    • – Battery operated – long life 12-14 months
    • – Reversible handle
    • – Download LockKeeper app to set up the lock using Bluetooth

    Hardware Installation:

    • – Super simple installation and can fit almost any swinging door.
    • – Installed by any handyman or builder, you do not necessarily need a locksmith to install this lock.
    • – All components and screw fittings come with the lock
    • – Lock escutcheons supplied: front and back handle
    • – Comes with a user manual
    • – Reversible 60mm backset stainless steel tubular latch


    Password Bluetooth Lock Technical Data:

    Fingerprint Capacity                           100 pieces
    Languages                                            English
    Standard authorization                      Fingerprint, password, card, key
    Fake Fingerprint Read Time(FAR)     <0.00001%
    Right Fingerprint Misread (FRR)        <0.1%
    Matching Speed                                   <0.8s
    Working Angle                                     360 degrees free rotation
    Powered by                                          4 pieces of AA batteries
    Battery Lifetime                                  12 months
    Warning                                                Low battery warning function
    Working Voltage                                  DC 6V
    Limited Voltage                                   DC4.3V-9V
    Working Temperature                        -20`C -60`C
    Working Humidity                               20%-80%
    Emergency power supply                  USB power bank
    Suitable for                                           Security and wooden doors
    Weight                                                   3.5KGS



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