BLE-Platinum Bluetooth Lock


BLE-Platinum Bluetooth Lock


Platinum Bluetooth Apartment Lock

Platinum Bluetooth Apartment Lock is a modern and architecturally stylish lock that features Bluetooth key, pin-code and keycard/FOB access to unlock the door.

  1. Open using Bluetooth to access the lock from the KAS eKeys app
  2. Keycard or FOB to access the lock
  3. Download unlocking records from the app
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  • Description



    Platinum – eKeys Mobile Access


    Platinum Bluetooth Apartment Lock is a modern and architecturally stylish lock that features keycard/FOB and Bluetooth access to unlock the door.

    Open using your smartphone and change pin-code and download unlocking records from the eKeys app.

    Send a remote Bluetooth key to any user from anywhere in the world for any premises Australia wide.


    • Mifare Classic 1K card RFID access type: 13.56MHz
    • Stainless steel door furniture
    • Automatic locking (5 secs after ingress). Deadlatch from the front, free-passage from the inside.
    • Fire rated to Australian Standards. AS-1905.1-2005 / AS-1530.4- 1997 / AS-1530.4-1990.
    • Mechanical override keys – 2 supplied per lock. Neatly concealed barrel under the front lock face.
    • 2 year warranty on door hardware
    • Battery powered – 3 x AA with low voltage tone (last 12-18 months)

    Product information

    BLE-Platinum Brochure and Specifications

    BLE-Platinum Dimensions

    Latch Hardware

    The BLE-Platinum can be installed with a tubular latch or a mortise latch. Both are high-quality stainless steel and fire rated solutions. For a tubular latch (TL) select which backset you prefer on checkout – see images for assistance for the backset dimension. For mortise latch (ML) it has a standard 70mm backset.

    Fire-rated Electronic Door Lock

    The BLE-Platinum is fire rated to Australia Standards (up to 4 hours). It is an extremely popular lock for apartments where fire ratings are required.  If you required a fire-rating certificate you can contact us upon purchase.


    For multiple doors?

    This lock is available for single purchase but can also be grouped into a hotel software system package. If you require a complete package of keyless lock management systems contact us or go to the Lock Management System website.


    Shopping with KAS

    • 14-day money back guarantee – no questions asked!
    • 12-month warranty – hardware/software.
    • Free shipping. Next day express shipping available.
    • All prices are Inc. GST.
    • 100% Australia support of products, delivery, and technical programming assistance.
    • Supply only, any handyman can install this product.
    • All T&Cs as per website.
    • By purchasing this product you agree to the KAS eKeys app Terms and Conditions


    What’s in the box?

    1. Front and back lock escutcheon
    2. Two mechanical override emergency keys
    3. All fixing hardware (4 screws) and latch striker and latch
    4. Install instructions
    5. Programming guide
    6. Install template
    7. 5 x FREE Keycards or FOBs (select on checkout) Additional FOBs/Keycards available here.
  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Door Opening


  • FAQ

    Q: Can Bluetooth keys be created remotely?

    A: Yes, you can create, send, revoke, block, modify any access type from anywhere in the world from your app!

    Q: Can RFID tags also be created in the app?

    A: Yes, RFID tags can be created and names assigned from the app. New RFID tags are updated to the lock via Bluetooth


    Q: Can these RFID tags also be assigned as one of the three type of access (permanent, period, restricted)?

    A: RFID tags can be assigned with the same access types as the Bluetooth key, yes.

    Q: How many RFID tags max can be created for the keypad

    A: 100 RFID tags for this model – Mifare Classic 1k protocol

    Q: Is there a re-lock (auto-lock) feature in the app and can it assignable (e.g. 1 to 30 seconds)

    A: Yes ingress time can be adjustable by Bluetooth using the app. Limits are 5 to 30 seconds.

    Q: Will this lock be available for delivery in the USA? Specifically Los Angeles, CA?

    A: Yes, this lock will be available internationally. 

    Q: Manual available for lock and eKey app? If so can you provide a link for review?

    A: Manual is currently being written. See brochure links on this page for more detail.

    Q: Does app support both texting and emailing of eKeys?

    A: Yes, eKeys are sent via a secure cloud server. This means they can be downloaded from anywhere. Texting service will come later.

    Q: Does shared eKey require guest to download app & create account in the app etc?

    A: Yes, any eKey user will require a quick and free download of the app. It’s necessary because providing access which may be unauthorised and get into the wrong hands is a serious security issue.  Why should you feel safe by sending someone access via a mobile phone number or email and you’re not sure that the email/number is authorised or lost or stolen? KAS believe this is the best and most secure system logic available using this technology.  

    The app interface is kept very raw with little branding and we offer proprietary branding solutions to large scale customers/offices/hotels etc. This will be app icon, app name, business logo and 3 colour pallet brandings. That’s all you need, the rest is done for you. 

    Q: Is shared eKey message to guest customizable in the app or already preset?

    A: Sending personal message strings are customisable. I believe 1 to 100 words or so is the limit set so far. More to come with this when we release a texting service. 

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