Waterproof Pin Code and RFID Access Control


Waterproof Pin Code and RFID Access Control


Water Resistant Keypad & RFID Access Control is used to gain access through a door using an Electric Entry System. Access is granted by using keycards / FOBs that can be programmed into the lock or by entering a personalised code.

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  • Description


    • Access via entry code and RFID keycards
    • Fully self-programmable (no need for a computer or Locksmiths)
    • Suitable for internal and external use
    • Water resistant reader
    • 4 quick steps to program entry code
    • Door can open directly from the keypad via an electric strike
    • 2000 RF keycard users (in addition to keypad access)
    • 12V DC requirement
    • Simple setup and installation
    • Backlight keys
    • Can be used as a stand-alone keypad access control, or access control reader, or controller
    • Wiegand 26 input or output
    • Dual W1 units can interconnected and interlocked
    • Can include remote control entry



    • Keypad
    • User manual
    • Installation instructions


    Additional components required for the Access Control Starter Pack:

    • KSS Power supply
    • KSS Internal Button
    • KSS Entry System Unit


    Specifications and Installation

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    RFID Frequency

    EM (125 kHz), Mifare Classic 1k (13.56MHz)

  • FAQ

    Q: What are the dimensions?

    A: The dimensions are L=128mmx W=82mm x H=28 mm   

    Q: Can we program all four locks to have the same code? What cabling is required?

    A: Yes, you can program all four keypads with the same code. You can also change them yourself whenever you wish. You will have to run 12V DC to each gate and also setup an Access Control system. Normally, a qualified electrician will have to retrieve this from 240V AC mains power.

    Q: Does the access control have to be installed on the door? Can I install it near the door, like on the wall next to it?

    A: You can install the access control anywhere you wish, as long as it reaches the power source. 

    Q: If I order this product online how long will it take to get to me? I live in Perth.

    A: We guarantee dispatch within 3 days of ordering, generally shipping takes 4-7 days. 

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