Z-Wave Lock


Z-Wave Lock


The KAS Wireless Z-Wave Door Lock offers the flexible versatility of a wireless and keyless locking solution. The lock is integrated with the popular Z-Wave network protocol, which can be integrated into home and building automation solutions. It features a remote pin code change, remote unlocking, master pin code change, low battery warning, an emergency key override and many more safety features.

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    About Z-Wave Smart Home

    Z-Wave is an innovative, next-generation wireless home automation technology system offering advanced capabilities that make it the most flexible solution for all home automation systems. It can be used to remotely control almost every electronic device in your household from thermostats and lighting, to electronic audio and video equipment. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves which easily travel through walls, floors and furniture ensuring that your Z-Wave network is secure and effective.

    You can find more information on Z-Wave controllers and products for Smart Home Automation at: Z-Wave Home Automation Australia (www.zwave.com.au)

    The KAS Z-Wave lock includes:

    • Master code – You have the ability to change the Master code.
    • User codes – Program up to 10 different user codes.
    • Remote code change – Integrated into the Z-Wave device, the automation management software has the ability to set up, change and revoke the code remotely without being at the lock.
    • Remote unlocking – Using the software interface, the door can be unlocked and locked remotely. It also provides the current status change when the door is locked or unlocked.
    • Low battery warning – The lock will emit a tone notifying the owner to replace the batteries. Normal battery use is approx 12-16 months.
    • Emergency key override – Includes mechanical key barrel and 2 x keys for manual override.
    • Illuminated Keypad – The keypad does not have mechanical buttons, which means your secret pin cannot be traced.
    • Z-Wave networking enabled – The wireless lock is a certified Z-Wave device, which can be integrated easily with any Z-Wave certified home automation system (Australian version). Please note that the available user functions may depend on the functionality of your particular Z-Wave home controller.


    KAS recommends Vera 3 Module or Vera Lite Home controllers, which are fully compatible with this lock and available for purchase with this product ($260.00).

    Please feel free to ask us for more information on the Wireless KAS Z-Wave Door Lock or download the full user guide and production information sheets below:

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    Q: How do you set up the Z-Wave so that you can unlock from your phone anywhere?

    A: You will need to purchase a Z-Wave modem, such as the Vera 3, in order to use the function that allows mobile control from anywhere around the world. Once you have both elements you simply install the lock and connect the modem to the house that the lock is set up at and follow the user manual instructions. 

    Q: How far away can you program the lock from your mobile device once the modem is set up?

    A: Anywhere around the world! 

    Q: Does the Z-Wave come with some kind of warranty?

    A: Yes! A 12-month warranty and 14-day money back guarantee comes with all KAS products. 

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