1. The quote is valid for 30 days after issue date.


  1. KAS will configure and customise the client’s software according to their site and specific operational requests and requirements.
  2. Software installation, setup and training will be completed using TeamViewer. Any software modifications are included free of charge during the warranty period.
  3. All hardware will require a final initialisation using the PDA and/or mobile app following the final software being loaded onto the client’s computer. This final physical lock and/or gateway programming and any subsequent re-programming requirements remain the responsibility of the client.
  4. Items listed above are on a ‘supply only’ basis. The physical hardware installation is the responsibility of the client unless specified above. All items will be available for dispatch or collection once the final payment has been received.
  5. If applicable, KAS will supply the Energy Saving Devices (ESD’s) and magnetic reed switches on a supply only basis. Electrical contactors (or relays) are not supplied by KAS. ESD’s must be installed by a licensed certified electrician.
  6. Lead times are estimates only. The stock will only be secured and confirmed after a 50% the deposit has been received. Most items can be available within 28 Days and other items may take up to 56 days from the date of deposit.
  7. Site commissioning of the locks, access controls and gateways is required after the client has the gateways installed and powered. The gateways can be installed prior to or after the door lock installation and commissioning


  1. All products supplied by KAS hold a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. All technical support, software modifications and product support is guaranteed free of charge during this warranty period (within business hours).
  2. All electronic hardware (unless specifically noted otherwise) is supplied on the basis of being installed free from all moisture exposure. Water damage will void the warranty of the lock.
  3. Removal and reinstallation costs will not be covered by KAS.
  4. Confirmation of warranty items needs to be approved by KAS (in writing) before being returned under warranty to KAS. Once returned, further testing will be conducted to confirm the warranty coverage including whether the item is to be either repaired, replacement or refunded. Freight of any approved warranty items to KAS is at the client’s expense, however,  the freight cost for the returned product will be covered by KAS.


  1. Certifications – KAS will supply all requested appropriate certifications for our products but is not responsible for any certification advice or for any of the client’s final building certifications (Please note that certification requirements can vary from state to state).
  2. Products – Although all measures are taken to ensure the accuracy of all information and specifications provided, KAS assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information or its relevance to a specific use or application. Actual performance of products may vary based on many factors and may be less than stated. Actual products may differ slightly in size, colour and appearance to these details and images shown. KAS reserves the rights to vary these products and specifications at any time.
  3. KAS will offer recommendations on S1 Gateway placement and coverage. A ‘to scale’ map will need to be provided to KAS. All access points that require coverage will need to be clearly marked. Final testing may indicate that some additional gateways may be required depending on any local site obstructions potentially reducing/restricting the wireless signal performance ie site location calculations can be affected by obstructions such as ceiling beams, hallway doors and differing wall construction materials used such as solid concrete (as compared to plasterboard) and the thickness of such concrete/brick walls etc. KAS, therefore, will provide the best available advice but cannot guarantee these recommendations from just looking at plans. Gateways are supplied on a ‘supply only basis.
  4. Any additional Gateways required that were not on original marked mapped provided by KAS, are to be purchased (at the same unit price as quoted) and installed at the client’s cost.

Quote, Acceptance and Payment Terms:

  1. A deposit of 50% is required to complete the quotation acceptance and for KAS to commence the order process.
  2. The remaining balance will be required prior to the dispatch. A request for a staged dispatch of items is acceptable following full payment of such items including any additional freight charges.
  3. KAS holds no liability for any theft, loss or damage of goods once items have been collected from our warehouse.