The Hotel Lock Management System is a keyless access lock software and hardware package that replaces your own key locks with state-of-the-art RFID technology access control. Simply change over your old mechanical key locks to the electronic RFID locks and never worry about lost keys, locksmith charges or key cutting again!


No more locksmith fees, no more lost keys, no more fuss…


The keyless system package is an extremely cost effective solution, which saves you money in the long term. The system is built to last and for you to have confidence in the same type of technology that has been internationally accepted for over 10 years.


The Hotel Lock Management System is unique, where the electronic locks run on battery power with no external wiring and you can have the ability to assign multiple cards, master cards, staff cards and guest cards all at the control of your reception computer.


Think of the convenience!


By incorporating energy saving devices (ESDs) into your guest rooms, you can save hundreds of dollars on excess power usage yearly. The energy saving device is activated by the programmed guest card and has a dual relay feature where if the door and/or windows are open, the air conditioning power will be cut.


Hotel Lock Management System is the most cost efficient solution available for any size residence for you today!


After a quick discussion with our friendly team, KAS offers a Return On Investment Report outlining how much you can save with introducing the Hotel Lock Management System to your premises.


The Hotel Lock Management System is now installed into hundreds of motels, apartment blocks and accommodation villages all around Australia ranging from, Gold Coast Apartment blocks, Perth backpackers, Tourism lodges in Alice Springs and Large Resorts in Melbourne.


Saving you time and money!


Get your FREE Return On Investment (ROI) Report today.

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