RFID Technology is the new advanced Access Control identification technology.  It is equipped with advanced software platforms and Secure Lock hardware to provide the most flexible and future-proof Electronic Hotel Lock Systems on the Australian market.

RFID Specifications

13.56 MHz technology

Compatible with the following standards

ISO 14443 A (MIFARE)

ISO 14443 B

ISO 15693

Compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) standards.


It only takes 3 easy steps:

1.     Remove the existing lock hardware.

2.     Fit the new RFID Electronic Lock Hardware supplied by KAS.

3.     Install the Hotel Lock Management System Software onto your reception PC.


All Hardware and Software are sent to you fully programmed with door designation.  So, all it takes is a simple lock hardware replacement and you’re ready to go.


Making the change to RFID

If you currently have traditional magnetic stripe card door locks and are tired of them failing all the time, there’s a reason for this.  Magnetic stripe cards have wear-and-tear issues and over time, the magnetic reader loses sensitivity because of low ingress protection. For example, dust gets caught in the magnetic reader, which leads to frustrated guests and looks unprofessional.  We know that having a Hotel Lock Management system that works to your fullest potential is important.  KAS are here to help you find the best keyless locking options for your premises.


RFID electronic locks are contactless and designed for different applications to enhance your guests’ experience.

The Electronic Hotel Locks at KAS are all RFID making it the perfect solution for an upgrade to RFID Technology.  RFID Technology is also compatible for NFC enabled devices for smartphone check-in and smartphone lock access.


RFID keycards available

  • Guests:            Low cost and re-useable
  • Staff:                Long lasting with no expiry date and a full audit trail of staff card accessing records
  • Residential:      Permanent access key cards and key FOBs can also be issued to residential guests

All RFID devices are compatible, providing flexible solutions for your premises. Lock Hardware can be directly replaced to upgrade to a contactless Hotel Lock System.