KAS Keyless Access Security has designed a secure smart door locking network which enables building access using mobile key technology. Guests can use their smartphone to gain access to the building which includes sub-access areas such as front door, room door, private offices for example. KAS has built the mobile key technology to enhance overall security in buildings and to provide a more seamless experience utilizing smartphone technology which is booming and readily available industry.

The smartphone key technology utilises end-to-end 128bit encryption technology which enables a high level of access security. The mobile key technology is dynamic which means everytime you use the mobile key, the data that it contains is always unique and never repeats. This is an increase in security because traditional mechanical keys are physical so they cannot change unless new keys are cut by a locksmith. The keys are non-physical which means providing secure access instantly and securely, such as in the event of a terrorist attack, is simple, secure and importantly remotely. For example, at the click of a button, you could revoke ALL mobile keys to a specific room, building or even complex if required. This would be possible based on the KAS mobile key technology.