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Due to a huge popularity increase in keyless access lock products, for a short time we have provided 10% discount for you – our online shoppers. Use the promo code provided below upon checkout to get your 10% discount on all retail prices across the online store. The main reason for the sale is to encourage new home owners, renovators, builders and yourself to learn about the different kinds of keyless access locking products available on the market today.  You will get free shipping, 14-day money back guarantee and confidence that your shopping with a company that stands behind their products.

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What’s New for Sale?

KAS also stay on top of new and exciting products in the industry.  These range from Fingerprint Lock Solutions, Keyless Access Door Locks, Electronic Locks and even Hotel Lock Management Systems. Keycard locks have been on the market for a while but are continually developing with better quality, more advanced RFID technology and quality Access Control Hardware Systems.  Electronic Door Locks are available to suit all types of residencies – not just the large commercial buildings. Digital Touch Screen Doors Lock are our most popular type of access control where the Remote Control Lock Access and Keyless Locks are suitable for any size door.

We always strive to continue our professional development by researching what the market is after. If you have ideas on what the perfect Keyless Access Lock, Fingerprint Lock, Digital Door Lock, Remote Access Lock, Touch Screen Lock, Keypad Lock, Keycard Lock, Smartphone Access or NFC technology should be, then let us know.  We strive to continue developing the best quality keyless access products for the Australian market.

Enjoy the 10% sale while it lasts.

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