• What are the benefits of using keyless entry systems?

    A: Everything can be done remotely. Choose between RFID Card/Fob, Pin code or Bluetooth Access. KASAccess cloud-based system for managing large numbers of locks. Unlimited integration options through Zapier, Make.com and our Open API. Standalone mode is also available for those who do not require remote management of their lock.

  • How do I install and manage the KAS Neo locks?

    A: KAS locks can be retrofitted to just about any door/latch combination. Our battery-operated Neo locks require no wiring while allowing for remote management of access via our KASAccess cloud-based management console.

  • What are the different access options for the KAS Neo locks?

    A: RFID Card, Fob Pass, Pin code and Bluetooth entry with our KASAccess mobile app.

  • How can I get technical support or contact KAS?

    A: KAS Technical support are available 7 days a week. Call our support line on 07 5500 5580 during business hours or contact us to lodge an urgent support ticket after hours. Urgent support tickets are addressed 24hrs a day by the first available support officer.

  • What are the features of the KASAccess app and web console?

    A: Our app features Hands-free unlocking “Hey Siri / Ok Google open KASAccess to automatically open a door which is within range. (Credentials required). Also, our mobile app allows you to remotely unlock any KAS door from anywhere in the world. A handy search feature is also available for those with many locks to quickly find the lock they wish to unlock.

    KASAccess web console is our online management system which allows for complete control of every lock in your property. We’ve included handy features to make managing access to you your facility as easy as possible, including free passage, lock groups, staff cards, etc. We’ve also got a well documented API if you would like to integrate KASAccess into your existing property or booking management system.

  • How long does the battery last for the KAS Neo locks?

    A: With average usage (5-10 unlocks per day), we estimate batteries will last 9-16 months or 3500+ lock cycles. This figure can vary depending on the quality of batteries used and other environmental factors. For this reason, we recommend using the best available batteries.

  • What are the compatible electric locking hardware for the KAS Neo ACR2?

    A: KAS Neo ACRs can be used with Electric Strikes, Electric Bolts, Magnetic locks (mag locks), relay lift controllers, and more.

  • How can I order or purchase the KAS products?

    A: Contact our friendly sales staff on 07 5500 5580

  • What are the warranty and return policies for the KAS products?

    A: All KAS locks are warranted against defects for 24 months from the date of purchase. If you need to make a warranty claim, please contact us.