IT Services

KAS Keyless Access Solutions offers innovative IT services designed to streamline your access control processes and enhance convenience.

Our paid IT services include:

With the exception of software integrations, our paid services are priced at $350ex GST per hour, charged in 15 minute blocks. Discounts are available for more complex or time consuming projects and problems, please contact our support to discuss your requirements.

  • Database backups / restoration
  • Software transfer to new machines
  • Software recovery
  • Re-Installation of KAS software
  • Networking and other non KAS Hardware / Software related problems

Software Integrations :

KAS offer a turn key software Integration service allowing your room management software to communicate with ours via our API. We price our integration service at a flat $500ex GST. Our Integration developers work with you or your IT team directly to deliver the solution you require. Most integrations can be completed within 1-2 weeks. In most cases, you simply need to provide us administrative access to your room management software.

Free support includes

  • Diagnosis and assistance faults with KAS Locks and KAS Software.
  • Advice regarding the function and installation of KAS Locks and Software.
  • Training and demonstrations of the use of KAS hardware and software.
  • Changing of KAS software subscription account details.
  • Assistance with warranty claims.
  • Complementary initial installation of KAS Software to a single PC per software license.