Energy Saving Device – Dual Relay

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Energy Saving Devices (ESD) are located inside the room to activate room lighting, power and air conditioning (A/C) circuits.

ESDs are activated by inserting the room key card into the ESD socket.

KAS Energy Saving Devices have two main features. (This Energy Saving Device has two relay switches)

  • The first relay will power up the lights and room power while the key card is installed inside the reader.
  • The second relay will only allow the air conditioning system to operate if the key card is inserted and the windows and doors/windows are fully closed. This is achieved by installing a reed switch on the doors and windows.

Upon vacating the room and taking the key card, all the ‘mains’ power and air conditioning systems will be switched off.

These features are becoming an industry requirement in new buildings to significantly reduce power consumption.

Supports the latest technologies including:

  • MIFARE S50 RFID technology

Installation Guide:

Reduce your energy bills and help save on emissions.

This Energy Saving Device can be activated to only accept KAS encrypted cards.

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 95 × 6 cm